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Elevate your online presence with expert SEO strategies by Veselin Mladenov, and experience a tailored approach that not only secures authoritative connections but also amplifies your website’s credibility, ultimately driving higher organic traffic and conversion rates.


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Proven Expertise

Benefit from Veselin Mladenov's proven expertise in SEO, as he navigates the complex web of connections to ensure your brand gains a competitive edge.

Customized Strategies

Unlock the potential of customized SEO strategies by Veselin Mladenov, tailored to your brand's unique goals and industry, maximizing your online impact.

Quality Over Quantity

Embrace a quality-focused approach to Off-page SEO with Veselin Mladenov, where every connection is meticulously curated to boost your website's authority and search rankings.

about me

My SEO Journey

Hi, I’m Veselin. I am a Digital Marketing and SEO Enthusiast.

I worked in a company with 700+ employees which produces axles for trucks and agricultural machinery as a Marketing and Sales manager for 9 years. A part of my work included developing the company website. I worked on it from its beginning.

And here is the moment when I discovered that digital marketing is my passion. I decided to quit my corporate work and dive into digital marketing.


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