about me

My SEO Journey

Hi, I’m Veselin. I am a Digital Marketing and SEO Enthusiast.

Here is the brief of my way into the Digital Marketing and SEO world:
I worked in a company with 700+ employees which produces axles for trucks and agricultural machinery as a Marketing and Sales manager for 9 years.
A part of my work included developing the company website. I worked on it from its beginning.

And here is the moment when I discovered that digital marketing is my passion.

I decided to quit my corporate work and dive into digital marketing. I started to learn and help my friend Georgi Todorov, who worked in this field.

My way in SEO

I had a flying start with a 6-month contract in Semrush at the beginning of my digital marketing and SEO career. I learned many things during this time from one of the leading companies in the niche.

Then Georgi called me to help him with his website – thrivemyway.com, which he had started recently.

There I worked on content, SEO and link building. The website and also my skills grew really fast.

In the first 5 months, the website gets 1000 daily visitors from organic search, 30k/month, according to Ahrefs:

The most crucial part is that I gained massive experience. I learned the right and practical way things happen, which is really valuable, not just the information mentioned in all courses about digital marketing you can find on the internet, but you don’t know if they really work at the current moment.

I also started to help Georgi with his new Saas project – a HARO [helpareporter] alternative.

Now, with all my experience, I’m available to help other businesses grow the right way.

When I don’t do that, I like to ride a mountain bike in the forest or just walk with my dog.